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Col Gaddafi's burial has been delayed by differences among officials about what should be done with the body. Under Islamic tradition burial should have taken place as soon as possible. But Libya's oil minister said the remains may be kept "for a few days".

It is unclear whether the ex-leader will be buried in Sirte, where he was captured on Thursday, in Misrata where the body has been taken, or elsewhere.

The alliance's Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that as the mission winds down, Nato "will make sure there are no attacks against civilians during the transition period". Its seven-month campaign of air strikes was carried out under a UN mandate authorising the use of force to protect civilians in Libya. They have said they will conduct a secret burial and there is some speculation that they might even try to bury him at sea, as happened with al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, to prevent any grave being turned into a shrine, she adds.

Col Gaddafi's body is lying in a meat storage room in Misrata. Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni told Reuters news agency it would not be released for immediate burial. Our correspondent says the National Transitional Council NTC needs to co-ordinate with the fighters who captured him in his hometown of Sirte and who have taken him to Misrata. Reuters news agency quotes senior NTC commander Abdel Majid Mlegta as saying members of the colonel's tribe are in contact with anti-Gaddafi fighters to discuss the possibility of taking on the task of burying him.

Meanwhile, questions are mounting as to exactly what happened in Col Gaddafi's last moments following his capture. Misrata's chief forensic doctor, Othman al-Zintani, told al-Arabiya TV that full autopsies would be carried out on the bodies of Col Gaddafi and his son Mutassim - who was also killed on Thursday.

He added: "If they kill him 1, times, I think it will not pay back the Libyans what he has done. In Washington, White House spokesman Mark Toner urged Libya's interim leaders to determine the circumstances of Col Gaddafi's death "in an open and transparent manner".

That obviously raises very, very major concerns," he said. On the other hand, it is also very clear under international law that summary executions, extra-judicial killings, are illegal. However, our correspondents say few Libyans are worried about the manner of their former dictator's humiliating end. Celebrations continued late into the night across Libya. The NTC said it would formally announce the liberation of the country on Sunday in the eastern town of Benghazi, where the rebellion began in February.

Col Gaddafi, who came to power in a coup inwas toppled in August. He was making his last stand in Sirte alongside two of his sons, Mutassim and Saif al-Islam, according to reports. Nato says it will end its campaign in Libya by 31 October. Asked about the burial arrangements, he said: "There is no decision yet.

Video footage suggests he was dragged through the streets. The process could take from few hours to a full day, he said. There are conflicting reports as to the whereabouts of Saif al-Islam.Le cnt se prepare a declarer la liberation totale du pays.

Islam and the Environment

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La rose a beaucoup inspire les grands auteurs et les poetes. Citation Islamique. Magnifiques Citations Islamique Accueil Facebook. Citation Islam. Citation Islam Verite. Liste De Citations. Citation Sur La Mort Islam.Les bonnes et les mauvaises oeuvres. Sont-ils malades ou sains? L'utilisation du temps. Le temps est la vie. Profiter du temps libre. Par le temps Vider avant de remplir.

Quand vas-tu mourir? Paroles d'Al-Hassan Al-Basri.

enterrement islam science legiferee

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Les droits du musulman et du non musulman. Un conseil pour nous tous audio.Muslim scholars have developed a spectrum of viewpoints on science within the context of Islam.

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Scientists of medieval Muslim civilization e. Ibn al-Haytham contributed to the new discoveries of science. Aside from contributions by Muslims to mathematicsastronomymedicine and natural philosophysome have argued a very different connection between the religion of Islam and the discipline of science. Some Muslim writers have claimed that the Quran made prescient statements about scientific phenomena that were later confirmed by scientific research for instance as regards to the structure of the embryo, our solar system, and the creation of the universe.

Science is often defined as the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. Scientists maintain that scientific investigation needs to adhere to the scientific methoda process for evaluating empirical knowledge that explains observable events without recourse to supernatural notions. According to Toby Huff, there is no true word for science in Arabic the language of Islam as commonly defined in English and other languages.

Islamic attitudes towards science

In Arabic, "science" can simply mean different forms of knowledge. For example, according to Muzaffar Iqbal, Huff's framework of inquiry "is based on the synthetic model of Robert Merton who had made no use of any Islamic sources or concepts dealing with the theory of knowledge or social organization" [5] Each branch of science has its own name, but all branches of science have a common prefix, ilm.

Many Muslims agree that doing science is an act of religious merit, even a collective duty of the Muslim community. Shamsher Ali, there are around verses in the Quran dealing with natural phenomena. According to the Encyclopedia of the Quran, many verses of the Quran ask mankind to study nature, and this has been interpreted to mean an encouragement for scientific inquiry, [15] and the investigation of the truth.

Mohammad Hashim Kamali has stated that "scientific observation, experimental knowledge and rationality" are the primary tools with which humanity can achieve the goals laid out for it in the Quran. The physicist Abdus Salam believed there is no contradiction between Islam and the discoveries that science allows humanity to make about nature and the universe; and that the Quran and the Islamic spirit of study and rational reflection was the source of extraordinary civilizational development.

Salam highlights, in particular, the work of Ibn al-Haytham and Al-Biruni as the pioneers of empiricism who introduced the experimental approach, breaking way from Aristotle's influence, and thus giving birth to modern science. Salam differentiated between metaphysics and physics, and advised against empirically probing certain matters on which "physics is silent and will remain so," such as the doctrine of "creation from nothing" which in Salam's view is outside the limits of science and thus "gives way" to religious considerations.

Islam has its own world view system including beliefs about "ultimate reality, epistemology, ontology, ethics, purpose, etc. Toshihiko Izutsu writes that in Islam, nature is not seen as something separate but as an integral part of a holistic outlook on God, humanity, the world and the cosmos.

These links imply a sacred aspect to Muslims' pursuit of scientific knowledge, as nature itself is viewed in the Quran as a compilation of signs pointing to the Divine.Caring for the environment is an important teaching of Islam.

It is our responsibility to care for the earth and environment. The reality of climate change requires us to rethink our lifestyles and actions and we must reflect on how our actions impact our environment. There are several teachings in Islam, that if followed, will help the environment. Among these is the teaching to abstain from wastefulness and squandering of natural resources.

Once a companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, was performing ablution and using too much water. At the time, the Companion was puzzled by the applied benefit of this rule. Today it is evident that conservation is an important part of protecting and preserving the environment. We have not neglected anything from the Book. Then they will be gathered unto their Lord Q.

Islam has gone to great lengths to highlight the rights of animals. It is an unfortunate reality that the rights of animals are infringed by hunting for sport, skins, or purposes other than food. Each animal species plays its role in maintaining a balance and equilibrium on earth.

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When an entire species becomes extinct, this equilibrium is interrupted and has a negative impact on the environment. Islam has also extended this rule to crops, noting that destroying or harming crops for no immediate benefit, such as eating, is not permissible. The Ozone serves as the protective layer of the earth. And We made the sky a protected ceiling, but they are, from its signs, turning away Q.

Neutralizing toxic gases and radiation is required of us if we wish to protect this protective ceiling. Reason and logic tell us to protect the earth and environment because it is the source and place of our livelihood.

However, when there is no belief in God, ego can become God. The ego and love for immediate materialistic pleasure have no limits.

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This leads to corruption and destruction of the earth and the environment. Islam is a religion that commands it followers to obey God, who is the Creator that knows what is best for His creation. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Preservation of Natural Resources There are several teachings in Islam, that if followed, will help the environment.

The Ozone The Ozone serves as the protective layer of the earth. Share it. Share This Article! Related Posts. December 18th, December 12th, December 8th, December 5th, Go to Top.Trouver la Qibla. Prier alors qu'on a besoin d'aller aux toilettes. Alignez vos rangs!

enterrement islam science legiferee

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Prier avec ses chaussures et ses conditions. Prier avec ses chaussures. Le jugement de la sutrah comme une table ou une chaise audio. Prier sans que son front et son nez ne touchent le sol. Peut-on prier avec le niqab et les gants? Prier avec du maquillage. Le questionneur :. Et pour les gens de science cette estimation est de 2 km. Traduit par Amine abou Jabir. Question :.La mort. Est-ce que mourir en souriant est un signe de bonne fin? Le croyant et la crainte de la mort.

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La Science Légiférée, le site de référence pour trouver une réponse à toutes vos questions

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enterrement islam science legiferee

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Le regret sera inutile lors de la mort. Il ne dit avec sa langue et ne prononce que ce dont son coeur s'est rempli. Question :.

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C'est justement la sunnah.

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