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U-matic is an analogue recording videocassette format first shown by Sony in prototype in Octoberand introduced to the market in September It was among the first video formats to contain the videotape inside a cassette, as opposed to the various reel-to-reel or open-reel formats of the time. Unlike most other cassette-based tape formats, the supply and take-up reels in the cassette turn in opposite directions during playback, fast-forward, and rewind: one reel would run clockwise while the other would run counter-clockwise.

A locking mechanism integral to each cassette case secures the tape hubs during transportation to keep the tape wound tightly on the hubs. Once the cassette is taken off the case, the hubs are free to spin. A spring-loaded tape cover door protects the tape from damage; when the cassette is inserted into the VCR, the door is released and is opened, enabling the VCR mechanism to spool the tape around the spinning video drum. Accidental recording is prevented by the absence of a red plastic button fitted to a hole on the bottom surface of the tape; removal of the button disabled recording.

PanasonicVictor Co. Later models sported improvements such as chassis sized for EIA inch rack mounting, with sliding rack rails for compressed storage in broadcast environments, solenoid control mechanics, jog-shuttle knob, remote controls, Vertical Interval Time Code VITClongitudinal time code, internal cuts-only editing controls, "Slo-Mo" slow-motion playback, and Dolby audio noise reduction.

U-matic was named after the shape of the tape path when it was threaded around the helical scan video head drum, which resembles the letter U. Recording time is limited to one hour. It initially had a resolution of lines. Signals are recorded onto the tape using Frequency modulation FM modulation. U-matic saw two revisions to improve its image quality. The first was high-band or Hi-band, introduced for PAL countries, with the original revision becoming known as low-band or Lo-band.

Both revisions increased the FM carrier frequencies, increasing the available bandwidth on the tape, hence increasing image quality and the number of lines. SP also introduced chrome dioxide tape. Hi-band U-matic recordings will play in black and white in Lo-band U-matic machines. U-matic tape moves at 3. This means that the heads on the drums of U-matic VCRs move across the tape at one of those speeds.

The drum has two heads, both of which are used for recording video. At the introduction of U-Matic, Sony originally intended it to be a videocassette format oriented at the consumer market. This proved to be something of a failure, because of the high manufacturing cost and resulting retail price of the format's first VCRs. As a result, Sony shifted U-Matic's marketing to the industrial, professional, and educational sectors.

U-Matic saw even more success from the television broadcast industry in the mids, when a number of local TV stations and national TV networks used the format when its first portable model, the Sony VO, was released in This model ushered in the era of ENG, or electronic news gatheringwhich eventually made obsolete the previous 16mm film cameras normally used for on-location television news gathering.

Film required developing which took time, compared to the instantly available playback of videotape, making faster breaking news possible. U-matic is also available in a smaller cassette size, officially known as U-Matic S. To minimise weight and bulk in the field, portable recorders had an external AC power supply, or could be operated from rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.

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The price point of the VO series was oriented toward educational, corporate and industrial fields, featured unbalanced audio connectors, and did not typically include SMPTE time code although one or two companies offered after-market modification services to install longitudinal time code. The VO was largely metal, which made the unit heavy, but still technically portable. The VO had the same functionality as the VO, but at a greatly reduced weight and size, by replacing many components with plastic.Collection preferred but will post at buyers cost.

In perfect working order and as-new cond. Both in good worki. Model Vr Remote included. Very good condition Nicam hifi stereo, digital studio picture control, turbo timer, follow tv, turbo drive.

Award winning VHS unit back in the day.

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Comes with remote control and power lead. I am happy to demonstrate it working, just let me know. For sale a fully working Panasonic nv-hsb flagship VCR, the whole unit is fully functional and well looked after. I am happy to demonstrate it working, ju. Lasts 2 hours long iPhone X case iPhone X rechargeable case. The other used couple times.

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Head rest. Good condition as been in storage. A few scratches on the cassette slot but still looks fab condition considering age. Piano key style operating switches. Ideal for a collector or any. With original instruction booklet.

Working OK. Has remote control. This is a silver jvc vintage video cassette recorder with a wired remote, call or txt This DVD player works fine but has no remote control but it has all function buttons on front so easy to use, ideal for use close to your bed.

Working order. Ideal for thode Videos. VHS to dvd conversion or digital copy. Great to see old memories and makes a great Christmas present. I believe it is in working order as it was reportedly working ok when last used.

I cannot test personally as I do. VHS to digital or dvd conversion. December 10, Collection only. Ads posted, Saturday 23rd January 1 images.Now, although it functions and serves the very basic multimedia needs, most users are looking for something much more.

For a video player that suits all your video and multimedia needs, your best option is to go rogue. Our top choice for the overall best media player for Mac goes to Elmedia Player.

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Elmedia Player focuses on your viewing experience, above all else. With Elmedia Player you can fully enjoy HD quality videos without facing problems like video slowdowns and unsynchronized sound. This is all thanks to hardware accelerated decoding and a huge variety of playback settings built-in to Elmedia Player. Also, it lets you take screenshots, and gives you the ability to adjust the color and font of your subtitles.

3/4 inch video player for sale

JustPlay is another top contender in the list of top video players for Mac. With its compact size and powerful capabilities, JustPlay packs a punch in a compact package. Get access to a massive list of supported file formats with the ability to play HD 4K and 8K quality videos with ease. There is no hiding behind the fact that VLC is a big player in this category. Plus the ability to install additional extensions for the most personalized viewing experience.

3/4 inch video player for sale

Cisdem Player comes with its very own set of elite features as well. As soon as you download the app, it's ready to go with its support of over 50 file formats. With no additional codec packs and software updates needed, you can play 4K and 5K HD videos almost effortlessly. No worries about buffering or lagging video. AirPlay connectivity, video and audio equalizer, downloading from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo and others and a very reliable video to audio converter are just a few of the highlight features of 5KPlayer.

Created with macOS users in mind, everything from the smooth gesture controls, Force Touch controls, TouchBar support, and Dark Mode makes it feel as if this app was made by Apple themselves. Another great favourite for a lot of Mac users is Movist. Movist brings a more refreshed, modern look and feel to their video player with tons of customizable options for video, audio and subtitles.Add high quality graphics to your kit. You can use provided psd files to design your own or choose from previous customer designs.

Full wrap includes pre-installed 2 sides, front, monitor bezel, control panel and marquee. Includes 5 joysticks 4 players plus 4 wayup to 43 buttons, usb encoder, wiring kit, terminal ends, and Ipac4. Price difference is only for joystick type.

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Non led, led standard trim, or led chrome trim is included. You can enter any details here such as artwork selection, button colors, etc. We also send a welcome email when you order that provides psd templates, etc you can respond to as well.

See previous customer designs. The goal of this 4 player arcade cabinet kit is have everything you need to assemble. A quick craigslist arcade search in your area and you will see the pitiful game room additions you can get for this price. And yes, those only play the one game. Create something truly unique and awesome. If you can do Ikea style, you can easily do this. Our Experience Shows. We know how to help you build the baddest machine on the planet, let us help you.

USA Seller! Located in the central United States so priority shipping is possible to most locations. Thank you for the quick response. I am very happy with the service and your products.

I am spreading your website to my friends on a site I belong to. Forrest F Awesome, arrived soo fast got exactly what I ordered! Your email address will not be published. Graphics Add high quality graphics to your kit. Control Kit Includes 5 joysticks 4 players plus 4 wayup to 43 buttons, usb encoder, wiring kit, terminal ends, and Ipac4.

Notes You can enter any details here such as artwork selection, button colors, etc.Museum of early consumer electronics and 1st achievements www. Sony VO The worlds first VCR. This site is mainly about milestone "firsts". There were three Umatic units released, we believe, by Sony in The VO having more features including record.

It was Sony's intentions that this would be the worlds first domestic video cassette recorder. It was a "VCR" that is to say record and playback, not just playback. It was a full VCR. Before all video recorders were reel to reel machines. Let us consider the criteria for a consumer domestic VCR. The VO was in a wood "domestic" cabinet. TV tuners would generally only go into domestic equipment as recording studios would normally only require AV in and out for cameras, or copying, not recording from TV.

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It had a crude counter but crucially it did not have a timer and it was very expensive. It was therefore left to Philips with the n in to claim the title "first ever domestic VCR" for four main reasons, 1. The N included an analogue timer, 2. Most importantly the VO was bought by professionals and not by consumers, the Philips was bought by consumers and used in the home.

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It therefore follows that no matter what a manufacturers intentions might be, the consumer decides for themselves. There are therefore strong arguments for agreeing that the Philips N was the first domestic VCR inbut the Sony VO takes the accolade as the worlds first video cassette recorder in This museum is primarily about first achievements and so this are all very interesting.

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Designed to be used with the early Umatic VCRs. This is a very exciting addition to the museum. It is a mechanical flip counter and tuner. If it was added to the VO it would offer a timer a tuner that would mean channels could be recorded at a later time, unattended, in the usual way.

Not a big deal these days but in it was an innovation. In the Philips used an analogue clock. It is in mint condition. Question - it the largest VCR tuner timer ever made? The Sony library picture is below. The red in the picture is a cassette tape inside the machine. Looking at the library picture above and comparing the VO with the VO, the differences and similarities are clear.

Clearly a TV tuner is not relevant unless a machine can record. Introducing a new colour cassette video recoding system as opposed to reel to reel does not make any sense without a recorder.

You would think that a manufacturer with such a fantastic record of achievements would try to get their facts right.In some cases the log-odds are used, which is the logit of the probability. Most simply, odds are frequently multiplied or divided, and log converts multiplication to addition and division to subtractions. Answer: The odds in favour of a blue marble are 2:13. One can equivalently say, that the odds are 13:2 against.

There are 2 out of 15 chances in favour of blue, 13 out of 15 against blue. That value may be regarded as the relative probability the event will happen, expressed as a fraction (if it is less than 1), or a multiple (if it is equal to or greater than one) of the likelihood that the event will not happen.

In the very first example at top, saying the odds of a Sunday are "one to six" or, less commonly, "one-sixth" means the probability of picking a Sunday randomly is one-sixth the probability of not picking a Sunday. While the mathematical probability of an event has a value in the range from zero to one, "the odds" in favor of that same event lie between zero and infinity.

It is 6 times as likely that a random day is not a Sunday. The use of odds in gambling facilitates betting on events where the relative probabilities of outcomes varied. For example, on a coin toss or a match race between two evenly matched horses, it is reasonable for two people to wager level stakes.

3/4 inch video player for sale

However, in more variable situations, such as a multi-runner horse race or a football match between two unequally matched sides, betting "at odds" provides a perspective on the relative likelihoods of the possible outcomes. In the modern era, most fixed odds betting takes place between a betting organisation, such as a bookmaker, and an individual, rather than between individuals.

Different traditions have grown up in how to express odds to customers, older era's came with betting odds between people, today which is illegal in most countries, it was referred as "odding", an underground slang word with origins based in the Bronx.

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Favoured by bookmakers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and also common in horse racing, fractional odds quote the net total that will be paid out to the bettor, should he or she win, relative to the stake.

However, not all fractional odds are traditionally read using the lowest common denominator. Odds with a denominator of 1 are often presented in listings as the numerator only. Fractional and Hong Kong odds are actually exchangeable.

The only difference is that the UK odds are presented as a fractional notation (e. Both exhibit the net return. The European odds also represent the potential winnings (net returns), but in addition they factor in the stake (e. This is considered to be ideal for parlay betting, because the odds to be paid out are simply the product of the odds for each outcome wagered on.

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Moneyline refers to odds on the straight-up outcome of a game with no consideration to a point spread. In most cases, the favorite will have negative moneyline odds (less payoff for a safer bet) and the underdog will have positive moneyline odds (more payoff for a risky bet). However, if the teams are evenly matched, both teams can have a negative line at the same time (e.

In gambling, the odds on display do not represent the true chances (as imagined by the bookmaker) that the event will or will not occur, but are the amount that the bookmaker will pay out on a winning bet, together with the required stake.

In formulating the odds to display the bookmaker will have included a profit margin which effectively means that the payout to a successful bettor is less than that represented by the true chance of the event occurring.

The true odds against winning for each of the three horses are 1-1, 3-2 and 9-1 respectively.Most people play for pleasure. Moderate participation in games within their financial capacity is fully acceptable. However, for a small percentage of people gambling is not a form of entertainment, it is a challenge that must be considered seriously. What is the problematic game behaviour.

A problematic game behaviour is considered such one, which interferes mode of life, work, financial position or health of a person or his family. Long participation in games is counter-indicative to such person as it can lead to negative consequences. In 1980 the pathological game dependence has been officially recognized and enlisted in the list of psychological diseases of international classification system DSM-IV and ICD-10. It is defined as long, repeating and frequently amplifying inclination for game, despite of existing negative personal and social circumstances, such as a debt, rupture of family relations and delay of professional growth.

In what cases behaviour of a person should be considered as dependence. It is necessary to underline that the diagnoses of game dependence can be qualified only by experts.

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The material presented on this web-page will help you to estimate and define your own game behaviour. The special hazard of addictions that are not associated with any substance is that it is very difficult to define the line between pleasure and addiction. Nevertheless, there are some diagnostic signals that may point out the existing problems.

In the presence of at least five of the following symptoms, the likelihood of the severe dependence is high:1. The player is deeply involved in gambling, all his thoughts are only about the game. Bet sum increases in course of time. Attempts to quit or control his participation in the games appear to be unsuccessful.

When limiting his participation in gambling, a person experiences irritation and disappointment. The game is a way to escape from problems or discomfort. The player tries to win back the lost amount,7. Lies about his playing behaviour,8. Spoils or breaks the relationship with family and colleagues,10.

Borrows to participate in the games. Rules for responsible gamesFollowing the rules placed below, you can enjoy the game without anxiety:1. Start playing only when you are calm and concentrated.

Define for yourself beforehand the monthly amount you can spend on the game. Once setting a maximum limit, do not further increase it. Before you start playing, define the maximum amount of winning, after reaching of which you should stop playing. Define the amount you can afford to lose beforehand. Do not start playing under alcohol or drug influence. Do not start playing in a depressed state. Abandoned or postponed matches are void unless rearranged and played in the same NFL weekly schedule (Thursday - Wednesday local stadium time) except for those bets that have already been determined at the time of abandonment or postponement.

If a match venue is changed, bets already placed will stand providing the home team is still designated as such. If the home and away team for a listed match are reversed, then bets placed based on the original listing will be void. In 2-Way markets Push Rules apply unless otherwise stated below.

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